‘Quantico’ season 2, episode 3 sneak peek: Alex’s new mission

Alex -It’s been almost two weeks now since the latest episode of “Quantico” aired, so it’s understandable if a couple of details have slipped your mind here or there. With that, we’re fine to give you a quick update. We’ve got Alex Parrish continuing now to figure out a way to resolve the hostage crisis, but it’s a little bit easier said than done given that not everyone is on her side — including some people that she previously trusted on a rather intimate level.

Specifically, this includes Miranda, and one of the sneak peeks below features Priyanka Chopra’s character having a conversation with her that may not lead to the desire result. Of course, it’s certainly possible that there is something that is a little bit different than what it seems like on the surface, and we certainly hope that it is since we don’t want to see yet another person in Alex’s life become a traitor to the cause.

If you’re interested in some other info on this episode, here are a couple more things we can tell you in advance:

1. While doing her search around the hostage crisis undercover, Alex is going to uncover some surprising faces — basically, there could be a few people who she’s already familiar with involved in some way.

2. Back during the present / at least what the show calls the present, the CIA recruits are going to continue their training at The Farm while they are assessed. We image that a few people will end up making a big impression, and a few others will start to fall by the wayside. Hopefully, either Alex or Ryan figures out what Blair Underwood’s Owen is up to.

If you do find yourself interested in getting some other news regarding “Quantico,” be sure to visit this link! We will be back tomorrow with the latest review of all that transpires. (Photo: ABC.)

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