‘Girl Meets World’ season 3, episode 16 video: Confirmed return date; is Riley leaving home?

Girl Meets World -

Following Friday night’s “Girl Meets World” episode entitled “Girl Meets World of Terror 3,” the Disney Channel went ahead and did us a rather-nice favor: Confirming when the next new installment is going to air.

Specifically, we’re speaking here of “Girl Meets Her Monster,” which is going to air come Friday, November 4. Based on the promo below, this one’s going to be both emotional and confrontational at the same time.

The story starts of simple enough, as there is a family dispute over Riley’s new binge-watching habit. This is clearly a story that could only be done in the “Girl Meets World” era, and it’s nice to at least see that the show is keeping up with things that are current at present. With so many options now for viewing, why sit through commercials unless you absolutely have to? We get where Riley and many other people of her generation are coming from.

Here’s the problem: She’s not going to take well at all to Topanga telling her what she can and cannot do, even to the point where she imposes a lockdown on her streaming habits. This leads to an epic fight, and Riley proclaiming that she doesn’t want to live there anymore. Do we see that lasting? Hardly, but this is a huge comment that she will have to lock down. People do often make mistakes in this world, but this is a big one, and arguably one of the harshest things she’s said over the course of the series. It’ll stick with her mom, even if she was only acting in the moment.

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