‘The Amazing Race 29’: Four possible timeslots for the new season

Amazing Race -

Yep, we’re still waiting for “The Amazing Race 29,” and there is still no further news out there from CBS on when this batch of episodes will air. We know that it’s already filmed, and now the waiting begins to find the show a timeslot.

What we thought we’d do within this article is present four different possibilities for when the show could air based on the schedule that the network has at present. Note that we’re looking at this through the lens that no currently-scheduled show gets canceled. We don’t want to be one of those sadistic people that roots for other people to lose their jobs, even if we do love the Race and want to see it back.

Fridays at 8:00 p.m. Eastern – It’s yet to be confirmed as to if “MacGyver” will get a back-nine order for the first season. Therefore, it’s certainly possible that CBS could just put the Race back on in its old timeslot once the action remake plays out its first season. It’s also possible that they give it a full season and move it somewhere else; the show got off to a great ratings start, so unless the numbers continue to drop like they did last week, we’re assuming that the network will want to give it a few more episodes beyond the standard thirteen.

Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. Eastern – The second season of “Code Black” could be over in February, which could give the network just enough time to air a new season of the Race there. With that being said, do you really want to put the Race on outside of a family hour? Our suggestion here would be to move “Criminal Minds” to 10:00 and air it after “Survivor.” The only concern with this timeslot is that it could displace “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” on the schedule.

Saturdays – The darkest timeline. Let’s hope for the sake of all that is good any holy that this doesn’t happen. For networks, Saturdays tend to equal “not in our future plans.”

The summer – At the moment, where else could it go? Unless certain shows are canceled or cut off at the end of thirteen episodes, there’s not a lot of room on CBS in the season. We do think that the Race could do well in the summer, even if it is a long wait until then. Also, we’re not sure you want hardcore fans constantly comparing it to the sometimes-superior Canadian version, which also airs in the summer months.

What’s your preference for the Race? Vote below, and stay tuned for more news at this link. (Photo: CBS.)


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