‘Chicago Fire’ season 5 spoilers: When could Casey be in grave danger?

Chicago Fire -If you are a main character within the “One Chicago” universe, at this point you gotta be prepared for the possibility that your life could be in jeopardy. These are tough jobs, and they are ones that are extremely difficult to do week in and week out. Sooner or later, either circumstances or a mistake made in the blink of an eye will come back to bite you. In the case on “Chicago Fire,” the upcoming November 1 episode entitled “Nobody Else Is Dying Today” will put Matthew Casey in particular in such a precarious position.

Per the NBC synopsis for this episode, we’re going to be seeing Jesse Spencer’s character finding himself in some trouble while looking at a warehouse, fulfilling his duties as Alderman. A forklift is accidentally going to pierce a tank storing acid; from there, you can imagine pretty easily how things will get crazy. He’ll have to rely on his firefighter skills in order to save a father and daughter in jeopardy. Given that he is now a father to Louie, he himself has more to fight for than ever before in this situation.

As for a few other teasers from this upcoming episode:

1. Amy Morton is poised to guest star as Platt, which means that we could be seeing some good stuff between her and Mouch. Given that he and Brett have been working on a certain “literary” project as of late, we figure that she could have some interesting things to say about it!

2. Aside from her work with Mouch, Brett will be working with Dawson during the episode to rescue an elderly woman in need.

We have a ways to go before we of course get to this episode, so with that in mind, head over here now to watch a video preview for the one airing on Tuesday night. (Photo: NBC.)

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