‘Shark Tank’ video: Can Angels and Tomboys score a deal with unique scents?

Shark Tank -There’s a new episode of “Shark Tank” coming your way at 9:00 p.m. Eastern tonight on ABC, and as per usual we’re here with a video sneak peek as to what’s coming up.

Our spotlighted product today is Angels and Tomboys, a company started by two young girls with a very specific mission statement: Giving other girls their age a fun alternative to perfume that better suits and celebrates their personality. This preview features the two of them trying to pitch their product to the Sharks, and we hear Kevin O’Leary bring up what is a fairly interesting point: If this sort of product worked, why haven’t major perfume companies really pushed hard for it? You can argue that maybe they just didn’t have the right angle on it; what we do like about Angels and Tomboys is that the price point seems about right for the target audience, the packaging is fun, and while we don’t think the product name does a good job of identifying precisely what it is, at least it does a great job of being memorable and identifying the target audience of young, active people who aren’t too interested in flowery perfumes.

Do we think that the idea is worthy of a deal? It’s certainly possible for one main reason: There’s an adult backing the two girls up. With young entrepreneurs, it’s easy to admire their spirit and their passion for getting started. The issue is that they still have school, and they are so young that you worry about there being a point where they don’t want to do it anymore. You also don’t want to get children often engaged is really complicated financial transactions. Having an adult in there allows there to be some corporate stability while the two kids do their best to help promote the brand in their own way.

We’ll be back tonight with a full review, and at that point we’ll have our full assessment on how Angels and Tomboys fares in the Tank!

To learn about some other products featured in Friday’s episode, head over to the link here. (Photo: ABC.)

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