‘Shiptober: Will ‘Bones’ season 12 bring Booth, Brennan happiness?

Bones -Mrs. Carter: How will Booth and Brennan’s relationship be celebrated on “Bones” season 12?

Doing this particular ‘Shiptober article is different than almost any other one out there, given that we are talking about two characters here who, by and large, have had many of their dreams come true already. They’ve married, welcomed children, and continue to work in what are dream jobs. They’re heroes, and while they may not be consistently celebrated for their work, that should not diminish it by any means. They’ve put away more bad guys at this point than we can count.

So how do you end this series in a way that is a pitch-perfect culmination of their legacy? We’ve got a few suggestions below.

A vow renewal – Their relationship has not been perfect, which is probably in many ways why it resonates. The writers have never established them as people who are together and immune from problems; Booth’s gambling addiction has come up, and the two of them remain so busy in work that they don’t have much family time. Ending the series with some sort of vow renewal could reassert their commitment to each other, and be a beautiful, sweeping gesture to send us off. Granted, the producers may not feel this is needed because we’ve already had a wedding.

Something low-key – Maybe the writers want to give us a taste of what the remainder of Booth and Brennan’s life could be, and in ending their story with a typical case that shows off their strengths, we’ll have a reminder of that and we can walk off into the sunset with this show picturing what many of their years moving forward will be like.

A tremendous test – No, we’re not talking about a situation where we are divorced. We’re talking about the appearance of some sort of adversary (maybe Zack or whoever else is behind the events of the finale) that force these two to dig deep and find the best within themselves. If you show us these characters at their worst and how they recover from it, we’ll get further reminders that there is nothing that could tear them apart.

Tell us: How do you want Booth and Brennan’s story — at least on “Bones” — to end? Share in the comments below! (Photo: Fox)

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