‘How to Get Away with Murder’ season 3, episode 5 preview: Frank’s past revealed; a big discovery

HTGAWM -Thursday night’s new episode of “How to Get Away with Murder” offered up some further answers, but also (of course) raised new questions. There is one question in particular that fans of the show have wanted information on for quite some time, and more intel may be coming as a result of that next week: Who’s Frank? What motivates him? When can we get the beard back? Well, at least some of these questions deserve answers.

Next week’s new episode of the show is (fittingly) titled “It’s About Frank,” which should give you a pretty big clue as to what’s coming up.

Synopsis – “The mystery behind the Annalise “killer” flyers takes a surprising twist. Meanwhile, Frank’s troubled past is exposed and a shocking new discovery changes everything about the night of the fire.”

Sure, none of this provides much in the way of conversation topics, but it does give you at the very least an indication that this is a huge episode. If you’re afraid of your friends spoiling this one for you, odds are that you should consider watching it live.

Promo – This for the most part chooses to hype up the flier mystery rather than focusing on Frank, but it reminds us at the same time that we are mere episodes away from learning who is under the sheet. Also, we hope that this episode sheds some light on what’s going on with Laurel following the big pregnancy reveal — if we were her, at the moment we’d run as far away from this mess as humanly possible. You don’t want to raise a kid around all this unless you absolutely have to.

Curious in getting some other “How to Get Away with Murder” news? Rest assured, you can check some of that out over here, and we’ll have more soon. (Photo: ABC.)

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