‘The Fall’ season 3, episode 4 preview: The next Jamie Dornan – Gillian Anderson story

The Fall -We’re now starting into the home stretch for “The Fall” season 3, and it’s rather crazy to know that the story of Paul Spector and Stella Gibson has a mere matter of hours left. We’re hopefully going to get an exciting conclusion out of this, and one that works as a culmination to everything so far, from the manhunt to the psychological warfare that has come as a result of Paul’s actions.

The next new episode of the Jamie Dornan – Gillian Anderson series will air on BBC Two next Thursday, and in starting things off, we’ve got the synopsis for you below:

“Gibson comes face to face with the depths of Sally-Ann’s desperation, while Burns has to confront his guilt at pursuing Sally-Ann as a conspirator rather than a witness. Gibson and Dr Larson clash over their different view of Spector – patient or prisoner? Meanwhile, Anderson and Ferrington are dispatched to London to discover if Spector can be linked to an old murder there.”

Based on what we saw at the end of this past episode, things are about to escalate in a rather big way. Remember for a minute here that Paul’s counsel is trying to figure out a way to have him declared mentally insane, whereas Gibson and the investigators will have their work cut out for them to prove otherwise. This is a show where there is no guarantee of a desired ending, so don’t just assume that Gillian Anderson’s character will get what she wants from this. The only thing that we can be fairly-assured of at present is an incredible performance from both her and Jamie Dornan. To date, that has been pretty much a constant with the entire series.

If you missed it, head over here to read our most-recent episode review for “The Fall.” (Photo: BBC Two.)

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