‘MacGyver’ episode 4 video: Worlds collide

MacGyver -To date, CBS has used one primary strategy in their promotion of the new “MacGyver” remake: Really hyping up the action at almost every turn. When you’ve got a logo that basically explodes every time that it comes on the screen in a promo, we’ve got a pretty good sense of what exactly it is your show is about.

The promo below offers up a brief look at next week’s “Wire Cutter,” which is going to be a very entertaining episode of a number of reasons. First things first, we’ve got a nice twist on the classic “taking down the Russian bad guys” story that we have almost everywhere on the internet. Here, what we’ve got is a case of Angus MacGyver and Jack working with a Russian bomb programmer and his handler — even though the two don’t have the best relationship in the world anymore. Most of the promotional materials out there suggest that these two are more or less going to be older, Russian versions of MacGyver and Jack, which should be really funny in a sort of “window into your soul” sort of way.

So what is everyone going to be working on in the episode? Their main mission is going to be trying to take down a warhead from the Soviet era in Moscow. Unfortunately, not all is going according to plan — we’re going to see the computer needed to stop said warhead malfunction, and ultimately, MacGyver’s going to have to figure out how to resolve the problem using duct tape and wire. It sounds like signature “MacGyver” in that sense, which to us translates mostly to mean “having a good time.”

So what happens if thingsĀ don’tĀ work out? Well, let’s not think about that for now…

If you missed it, be sure to head over here to read our most-recent episode review! (Photo: CBS.)


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