‘Dancing with the Stars’ season 24: Looking at that new Billy Bush rumor


Could Billy Bush really be going from “The Today Show” to “Dancing with the Stars” in the new year? While there may be a claim out there, we’re not entirely sure that we see it.

The report that there is interest in casting Bush comes from a Page Six report, which contains a source saying that by the time next season airs, some of the controversy surrounding his role in the vulgar “Trump tape” will have died down:

“It comes in March. That’s far enough away. Everybody goes on to do the apology tour. It’s ironic there is Ryan Lochte on, who he started this controversy with when he started with ‘Today.’”

We suppose that in theory, it is possible that Bush could be taking part in a new season, but we’re not sure sure what the incentive would be for ABC to put them on. A disgraced Olympian, who once had millions of fans, is a little different than an entertainment news host whose behavior played a role in a Presidential election. We’re not sure that there were millions of people out there in the first place who had the same affection once for Bush that they did with Lochte, and we’re not quite sure who would be voting for him. Ultimately, we’re not sure that there is much of an edge ABC would get out of casting him, so we’re just going to classify this merely as a rumor for now.

One other bit of evidence here that nothing is set in stone is simply that: We’re months away from the new season being cast. We’re still more than a month away from the end of this one! There is ultimately still plenty of time for decisions to be made, and we don’t foresee this being a move that happens.

One thing we do know about “Dancing with the Stars” is this: Don’t count on Maksim Chmerkovskiy to return, based on some recent comments he made. (Photo: ABC.)

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