‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 7, episode 4 sneak peeks: The quest to find McGarrett, Alicia

Hawaii -Steve McGarrett on “Hawaii Five-0” has to be one of the unluckiest people working on law enforcement at the moment. After all, he’s had a gun in his face more times than we can count, he’s seen people he loves in danger, he’s been lied to repeatedly, and at the end of this past season, he even needed to have a transplant in order to stay alive.

Moving into Friday night’s new episode of the show, we could be seeing things become so bad for him that he is kidnapped alongside Alicia Brown by the very person that the two of them have been trying to track down in the chess-piece killer. One of the sneak peeks below should be considered the calm before the storm, given that in it, Steve is clearly still doing okay and is trying to solve the case without being under duress.

By the time we reach the second sneak peek, things may be going in the wrong direction. In this, you can see Chin and his niece out in the water, seemingly enjoying a peaceful moment before Jerry signals to him. By the time we get to the third preview, we’re in full-on manhunt mode, where someone has apparently taken the tracker in Steve’s phone, shoved it in a box, and thrown the Five-0 completely off the scent.

Will we see this killer finally brought to justice in this episode? We’re certainly thinking that this is possible, mostly because there is an Icarus effect sometimes that happens with these bad guys. You get a little too close to the sun, and eventually there is a point of no return that happens. How is this person going to be able to walk this back?

Want some other insight into what lies ahead on “Hawaii Five-0”? Then we suggest heading over to this link right now! We’ll have a review up tomorrow night after this episode airs. (Photo: CBS.)




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