‘Ink Master’ exclusive: Matt Murray on elimination over Gia, Boneface, working with Oliver Peck

Matt -There were several occasions in which Matt Murray was thrown for a loop on this season of “Ink Master.” First, he did not get a chance to work alongside and compete against his twin brother as first planned thanks to an early twist; also, he then found himself on teams rather than having this be an individual competition. He persevered through this for a while, but unfortunately found himself going home Tuesday night right before the teams were split.

We had a chance to send some questions Matt’s way earlier this week; take a look at what he said in regards to his regrets, his elimination, and having Oliver Peck as a mentor during the season.

CarterMatt – We saw you start the competition with your twin brother and was hoping to compete with him: How did it feel to not have him there with you?

After Ryan was cut from the show I suppose that I was left feeling somewhat dismayed and disappointed that he was let go so suddenly, we had intended on making it through the show while having each other to rely on as we so often do in our normal everyday lives. When he left that changed everything for myself.

Were you surprised that the judges called your name over Gia and Boneface?

Yes. I was very surprised that I was sent home over Bone and Gia. I surely do not believe that my tattoo was a good example of my own personal style or of my strongest artwork, and as talented artists that Boneface and Gia may be I also do not believe that my tattoo was any weaker than the other two up for elimination during the outer space challenge. I was left feeling cut simply because I was the least favorable to the judges and not for my tattoo work..

The team twist has thrown a lot of artists for a loop: How did you feel about the team twist?

I was very surprised with the team twist. It has never been done before in ‘Ink Master’ history, but I found much comfort and confidence within my team as well as building lasting friendships alongside these extremely talented artists.

What was it like having Oliver Peck as your mentor?

Having Oliver Peck as my mentor was a pretty cool experience. It was really great being able to follow the advice given by him in which he thought would help create the strongest tattoo best suited for each challenge ahead. Also being an artist that seldom uses color or in the traditional style, it was very helpful being able to be seek advice when I found myself questioning certain things.

Was there a style of tattoo you wish you had a chance to show the judges?

Yes, very much so. I’m from the city of Salem, Massachusetts and I think that my true aesthetic is very-well acquainted with Salem’s darkest past times, as well as the overall darker side of life. I am heavy influenced by New England, Victorian era illustration as well as black and gray realism, none of which was able to be displayed whatsoever while bound to tattooing robot peacocks and outer space etc etc.

If you had a chance to come back into the game, what would you do differently?

If I had the chance to come into the game again I would probably try and stick with my own style/aesthetic and hope for the best despite it not being something either judges are really into at all. Everyone has their own taste in art and I would rather have had the chance to show off my own true style even once or twice than to consistently showcase the style types of tattoos that I normally wouldn’t pursue with after the show is over.

If clients want to book you for a tattoo, what’s the best way for them to do so?

The best way for clients to book me for a tattoo is to email our studio at [email protected] with their tattoo idea/placement and most convenient contact info.

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