‘Once Upon a Time’ season 6: Lana Parrilla on Sean Maguire’s return

Regina -Earlier this fall, it was confirmed (rather surprisingly so) that Sean Maguire would be coming back to “Once Upon a Time” as Robin Hood — even though the character was technically killed off at the end of this past season. We’re absolutely thrilled to see him return, but are of course wondering over the finer details of it. For example, how is he going to be making it back, and what this could mean for Regina.

Just in case you’re wondering precisely how hush-hush producers are keeping this, consider the fact that not even Lana Parrilla knows precisely what is going to be coming for her character. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the actress passed along the following message:

“I have no idea how he’s even coming back, and how that story is going to be told. His soul was obliterated, but no one ever really dies on this show, so I feel like, with our storytelling, we can always find these loopholes to tell these stories and bring our favorite characters back. It’s going to be fun to have Sean [Maguire] back. He always brings a lot of laughter and light to the set. He’s a joy to be around. He’s a lot of fun. He’s funny. We develop such strong friendships on the show, so it’s like having your cousin or brother back. It’s a family show and everyone has little babies that hang out together, so it really is a family show.”

Even if Robin is not coming back as a permanent part of the show, let’s hope that one way or another, Regina finds enough peace through this that she is able to move forward with her romantic life at some point down the road. We refuse to believe that her story is going to conclude without at least something further in the way of romantic resolution coming her way.

For some more details on Sunday’s episode, including some backstory on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, be sure to head over to this link! (Photo: ABC.)

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