‘The Flash’ season 3, episode 3 spoilers: Now photos of Joey King as Magenta!

Magenta -The Flash” is at a point in its season where it benefits from giving us new villains — we’re not at the point just yet where the Big Bads are going to rise to the surface, and with many bad guys like Captain Cold and the possibly-reformed Heat Wave potentially in other parts of the universe, it makes some to bring some new blood into the mix.

It’s only fitting that Tuesday’s episode is entitled “Magenta,” given that this character is going to be the person responsible for unleashing some chaos on Central City. She’s got the power to manipulate metal, which makes her one of the more dangerous meta-humans Barry Allen’s faced so far this season. Joey King is playing the part, and we’ve got two photos at the top and bottom of this article of her in action.

We suppose that one of Magenta’s assets as a character here is that on the surface, it probably looks as though she’s just some rebellious teenager / young adult mixing things up on the street. While the Central City Pd probably should suspect everyone of being a meta at some point, it doesn’t quite look like they are going to guess this with her right away. She may be able to present a ruse at first, and then infiltrate from within.

The big mystery with this character, other than how she got her powers (do we blame Dr. Alchemy for this?), is what exactly she wants. This is a show where the majority of the villains, other than a few here and there, aren’t just born interested in watching the world burn. There’s a reason for it, and Magenta may have some sort of animosity towards either The Flash or the CCPD. We’ll find out in a mere matter of days!

For more on this episode, head over here to check out a preview! (Photo: The CW.)

Magenta -

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