Alex Trebek shocks on ‘Jeopardy’, ‘Lethal Weapon’ impresses, ‘The Odd Couple’ live clip

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It’s Thursday, October 13 and more importantly Halloween is only 19 days away. If you haven’t picked out your costume yet, don’t worry, you have plenty of time. The bigger question is have you turned on the TV programs showcasing the holiday, such as cooking shows, DIY shows and reality competition shows? There are several great programs on this week revealing how far people will go to celebrate the season. Cakes that look eerie (and almost too good to eat) and people who spend weeks decorating their yards transforming it into graveyards and more.  Don’t forget to flip through the dial this week and check out a few spooky programs!

Alex Trebek offers what he really thinks about hip-hop

Alex Trebek might need to teach a course in zingers. The “Jeopardy” host is making headlines after summing up a statement from a contestant who listens to “nerdcore” hip-hop. Describing the genre as catchy and fun music which is rapping about video games, science-fiction and difficulty meeting romantic partners the contestant was surprised at Alex’s response. Technically fans everywhere was surprised when he blunted stated that the music sounded like it was for “losers, in other words.” Apparently the day has come where Alex has shared what he really thinks about hip hop music.

Lethal Weapon’ continues to impress

Riggs and Murtaugh apparently made the cut. Blowing up everything in their way, the show offers a backdrop of Los Angeles and plenty of laughs. “Lethal Weapon” on FOX was a new fall show, which had fans wondering if it would be part of the line up for some time. Wonder no more! FOX has ordered more episodes and the antics of the two characters on the show continues.  In my opinion, this has to be the best new show introduced this season! Catch “Lethal Weapon” on FOX every Wednesday night.

The Odd Couple‘ live clip on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

The fans of the TV show “The Odd Couple” got a special treat from Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon on Wednesday night. As viewers typically see a clip of a show when a star comes on a talk show, Matthew Perry decided to bring his co-star on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and shared a live clip instead. The funny moment was probably better than a prepackaged video in some ways and it gave the audience a different perspective too.

And finally…Most popular TV shows divided state-by-state

A TV show map has offered a glimpse of what viewers in different states love the most. Reviewing the top 200 most popular TV shows and cross referencing trends for the past year, the creators of this new TV viewing map showcase unique TV programs in each state based on per capital statistics. For example, Alaska residents love “Star Trek” and “Supergirl” is an Indiana favorite.  It is accurate? Doubtful. However, it is an interesting look at how TV shows are viewed and there appears to be local favoritism when it comes to a show being cast in a certain location. (Photo: Jeopardy/Twitter.)

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