‘Shark Tank’ preview: Biem, The Solemates, Angels and Tomboys, Atlantic Candy Company, The Natural Grip

Shark Tank -On Friday night’s “Shark Tank,” Daymond John will be back after a week away, and we’re going to see a wide array of pretty interesting products! We’re catering to pretty much every age demographic here, and to go along with that, everything from food to footware to skincare. We don’t know how you can get more varied than that. There will also be an update segment featuring The Natural Grip, which is a popular product from the past that has a pretty functional use for people at gyms all over the country.

As per usual with these previews, we’ve enclosed links to all of the products so you can go and check out some of the goods for yourself.

The Solemates – Specifically, they bill themselves as shoe care designed to help women, and given some of the uncomfortable shoes that women often wear, we gotta assume that there is a big market out there for women trying to find a way to get more comfortable and take care of their feet while still wearing the styles they want. We’re not even remotely the market for this, but it seems universal enough that there could be some interest from the Tank in it.

Atlantic Candy Company – One of the products that they seem to be really trying to promote on the show is their Toy Box, which basically milk chocolate with a toy inside that is approved for all ages. Maybe this isn’t as familiar to all American readers out there, but as someone who has spent several years in Canada, this sounds remarkably like a Kinder egg. Clearly, this company has figured something out on a safety front to break into this market in America, given that Kinder eggs are actually not allowed to be sold in the US due to regulations and have been known to be confiscated at the border in fear of them being a choking hazard to children.

Angels and Tomboys – While this name doesn’t exactly tell you what the product is, at least it’s memorable. These are a line of creative body lotions and sprays created for pre-teen and teenage girls by entrepreneurs around the same age. It’s a fun, less-expensive option for young girls who don’t want perfume, and on the surface, the idea is good. The challenge that could come in the Tank is that it’s hard to see kids still in school having the time to run a business without at least one parent working full-time. Is it really capable of an investment at this point?

Biem – Love the idea. As someone who loves to cook, one of the problems with something like butter is that you often either use too much, or you end up coating something unevenly. This basically transforms your butter into a spray that you can use for almost anything. For us, the best use of this could be buttering toast or something like popcorn, which is almost impossible without making a giant mess. The problem here in the Tank is that it’s a gamble, since they are not selling the product as of yet and there’s no proof that other people feel as great about it as we do.

If you want to see some other highlights from “Shark Tank” this season, you can check some out by heading over to the link here! (Photo: ABC.)

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