‘Big Brother OTT’ spoilers: The new Head of Household; nomination talk

Scott -We imagine that this particular week for “Big Brother OTT” is going to be interesting for one primary reason: We expect it to be the week where many fans really start to turn on the whole America-voting concept more than they have already.

Basically, the way that the game is set up now is simple: It doesn’t quite matter who wins Head of Household, since the public will just pick someone for that third spot and that person can go home. Therefore, we could see a scenario here where Scott and the Plastics are all picked off in succession one week after the next. Do we like every member of that alliance? Not exactly, since Morgan is fairly dead weight entertainment-wise and the majority of Whitney’s entertainment come from her accent. Yet, Shelby is entertainment from a drama point of view (even when it’s petty) and Alex is a reasonably good player stuck on a pretty terrible season for the sort of game she is wanting to play.

Luckily for Scott, he’s safe this season thanks largely to him winning Head of Household! He plans on sticking Danielle and Shane right back up on the block, like they were at first this pat week. It’s easy to do that, and it gets very little other blood on his hands. Based on social media at the moment, we would say that the likely third nominee is going to be Morgan, just to cause some more chaos with the sisters twist. We’ll see if that ends up holding true.

One other component that could shake things up further is the America’s Care Package vote for a special Veto to come as a result of this competition. You can either get a Veto that can be played twice, a Diamond Power of Veto, or two separate Veto necklaces in the competition. What’s great is that there is no guarantee of rigging this for any one player. For example, let’s say that Jason wins the Care Packages and chooses the Diamond PoV; if someone not in his alliance wins it, what can he really do about it? We’re not sure how this works with America’s nominee, but maybe this is a way Scott and the Plastics can get some power back.

Ultimately, we’re probably rooting for someone like a Shane or Danielle to leave this week, just to keep things interesting. Seeing one slide slowly picked apart often makes for boring TV, and Monte was the only part of that side who was hard to watch and at-times insufferable.

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