‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ episode 5 preview: A tribe swap — and a Taylor / Figgy split?

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For many “Survivor” fans, episode 5 is a time that has become synonymous with switch-ups. After all, this is when the tribe swap tends to happen, and given the Millennials’ recent dominance against the Gen X Tribe, it wasn’t exactly much of a reach to start to think that this would be coming next week.

Well, the preview for the next new episode makes it clear that there is a swap coming, and apparently, it could mean a temporary divide for Taylor and Figgy in the event they’re on separate tribes. How will they live? Well, they’ll certainly be easier targets given that they won’t have anyone to protect them in the way that they once did.

Before we get around to that, there will be madness at the Gen X camp in order for them to uncover the newest immunity idol. Here’s the problem with David’s recent move: It didn’t take into account at all that there could be something like this coming. If Jessica ends up on a different tribe, he may not have her as a number, after all. This move is heavily predicated on the idea that she makes it to the merge, and they’re able to work together from there. Also, what if someone like a Chris or a Bret ends up finding the next idol?

One other thing that you should be watching out for in the coming weeks is some sort of double-elimination, given that we do have twenty contestants this season and so far, there hasn’t been any medical evacuations to speed up the process of getting people out of the game. We’re certainly happy for that, but it means that there may be other plans the game has to put in action.

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