‘Big Brother OTT’ spoilers: Eviction and contention

Alex -Tonight’s “Big Brother OTT” show is going to be incredibly interesting, mostly because for the first time in our mind, we’re looking at a situation where America really is the swing vote. On one side of the house, you’ve got the Plastics (Morgan / Alex / Whitney / Shelby), Monte, and Scott. Then, on the other side you’ve got virtually everyone else. With Kryssie and Danielle currently on the block, it looks like we could have a tie vote tonight, with America coming in to break that and Monte likely being sent home.

Could Scott’s vote be slightly in the air? Sure, but he probably realizes by now that he needs to stay with Monte to at least ensure he’s got part of the house on his side. Next to Alex, he’s probably coming out of this in the worst way imaginable.

Let’s talk for a minute about the outgoing Head of Household, especially through the lens of how terrible it may be in this iteration of the game to actually get some sort of power. You can nominee multiple people without any of them going home, and then you’ve got multiple people coming after you. If we were one of these people (unless we felt like we were in serious jeopardy) we’d just throw every HoH possible until we get closer to the end and either America’s nominee goes away or we started to feel like we needed to impress America with a resume.

We don’t want to eulogize Monte just yet, but we will say that his biggest mistake in the game was allowing his arrogance to get to him and to say offensive things to turn America against him. Had he not done that, the strategic merits of keeping him would have likely spared him for the week.

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