‘Shiptober: Will ‘Poldark’ season 2 bring Ross, Demelza peace?

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Mrs. Carter: Where can Ross and Demelza go from here?

At the end of the first season of “Poldark,” it was fairly hard to imagine these two characters being in a situation worse than having him carted off to prison right after losing their daughter. Yet, this season we’ve seen Ross nearly go to debtors’ prison, face the death of Francis, and him showing no fear in demonstrating a level of care in his sister-in-law Elizabeth that he has not shown towards his own wife. A moment at the end of this past episode in the UK provided us with some hope for the two of them, but the reality is that George is still out there, and with him comes despair.

Also, there’s then the issue of Ross himself, who may be the couple’s own worst enemy. Maybe there is a part of him who cannot let go of his image of his past and his feelings for Elizabeth, or maybe he feels an added sense of duty because of Francis’ death that is compounding things. Or, maybe he’s starting to get jealous because George is attempting to get ever closer to her. The problem here for Ross is that with every step forward comes another step back.

So why should you root for Ross and Demelza? It’s because they are the quintessential underdog couple, and simultaneously, you like to think that Ross will wake up and realize what makes her so special. No one challenges him like her, and nobody is devoted to him like her. They’ve went through so much together, have seen each other at their worst, and celebrated each other at their best.

Out of curiosity, we do want to know in the poll below who you prefer Ross with. While we do appreciate Elizabeth as a character and the performance of the role, to us there is no question that there is a passion and a charm there with Demelza that we just do not get anywhere else.

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