‘Shiptober: Where will ‘Scorpion’ season 3 take Walter and Paige next?

Walter -Mrs. Carter: Is there now actual hope for Walter and Paige on “Scorpion“?

Let’s start here with the bad news for those out there who are ‘shipping the two of them together: She is still dating Tim Armstrong, as of the end of this last episode. Yet, at the same time there was a moment there where you had to start to wonder if the ice was starting to thaw. She knows via his hallucinations that he loves her, and also realizes that there are parts of his memory that he still has. Therefore, there’s a chance that sooner or later, the confession will rise to the surface once more.

Will it happen this season? In this latest chapter of our ‘Shiptober series, we want to lay out both the pros and cons to each as possibilities.

The case for Walter and Paige getting togetherĀ – For one, you’re giving the majority of the fans precisely what they’ve wanted since the beginning of the show, and you’re hardly closing the door on fun possibilities. We know that there are many “Big Bang Theory” comparisons out there with this show, but that one did successfully prove with Leonard and Penny that you can get an opposites-attract sort of couple together and it can still be fun. They come from such different walks of life, and as a result of that they can each teach other different things and help to make one another better people.

The case against itĀ – Maybe you don’t ‘ship them for whatever reason, or maybe you worry that it offsets the dynamic of the team in some way. Or, maybe you’re not in a hurry for it to happen. The one thing we will say for this argument is that seeing her cheat on Tim with Walter wouldn’t be a desirable start to their romance. She’s a better person than to intentionally hurt him like that, and we’d prefer that they break things off and they start off a relationship slow.

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