‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ rankings: Generation dysfunction

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Do we think that there is a chance that someone from the Gen X tribe can win “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X“? Absolutely, but based on what we’ve seen through three episodes we feel relatively strongly that they’re going to have an uphill battle the entirety of the way. We’re coming off of the first blindside of the season for this tribe, and we’re still not altogether sure it was a good one. While getting rid of Paul may have worked for David, Ken, and CeCe, what exactly are Jessica, Lucy, and Sunday getting out of it? They’ve traded three allies for three others, and at least the first three would have probably remained loyal.

Still, it’s our job to try and figure out where these people stand in the rubble, using the same criteria as always: Strategy, challenge ability, how big of a threat you are, and whether or not you’re someone who’s tolerable to live with.

8. Lucy Huang (last week: 6) – Call us crazy, but we just cannot envision a logical scenario where Gen X eliminates either Bret or Chris this coming week given that they’re both assets. Meanwhile, Lucy looks to be entering dictator mode based on the preview, and given that so far her most notable word of the season has been “shh,” we cannot say we’ve got a ton of confidence in a sudden increase in airtime.

7. CeCe Taylor (8) – Maybe the pendulum swings back to the previous minority alliance with Paul gone. If that’s the case, and if everyone assumes David has the idol, CeCe is an easy target and she’s not going to be a big competitor in challenges after the swap. You’re still in theory at the point in the game where you want to move forward with people who can win.

6. Chris Hammons (1) – Now, we get to the point where we include those two alpha males from Paul’s crew. Chris’ biggest disadvantage is that he’s terrifying and we’re not sure he will be able to schmooze people back over to him. On the flip side, his biggest advantage is that you want to keep someone like him in the game, given that the odds are there that he will be useful in almost any challenge.

5. Bret LaBelle (3) – While we haven’t seen much of it out in the island so far this season, we do know that he’s fairly strategic and has a good sense of humor. The latter could come more in handy if he wants to get people on his side and not interested in voting him out.

4. Jessica Lewis (2) – The good news for Jessica is that she’s got some game sense about her, and we will always take someone thinking strategically over someone not thinking at all. Our concern for her is that with her flip, and the perception that she was the perpetrator, she’s went from being in a relatively safe spot to someone people are looking at as a target. Chris and Bret could be out for revenge!

3. Sunday Burquest (5) – Who’s coming after Sunday? She’s very nice, she seems decent in the challenges, and she’s got allies. She’s basically to the Gen X tribe what Will Wahl is over on the Millennials. She may not have a huge chance of winning based on the edit so far, but she could easily make it far in the game.

2. Ken McNickle (7) – What a difference a flip makes! If Chris and Bret are angrier at Jessica and the women for flipping than Ken, David, and CeCe for orchestrating it, all of a sudden they’re in a really good spot! Even if the original alliance reforms, are you really going to get rid of a strong, capable guy who is a provider around camp?

1. David Wright (4) – The person most likely to probably die in the wilderness is ironically now the one in the best spot. He’s the only person in the game at present with an immunity idol, just as he’s the only person in the game who’s made a serious effort to align with people on both tribes. He’s also very likable and entertaining to be around. What we’re saying here is that while he may be terrible in some challenges, David has figured out a way to make up for his shortcomings.

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