‘How to Get Away with Murder’ season 3, episode 4 preview: Prepare for a big twist

HTGAWM -Given that we are writing an article at present about “How to Get Away with Murder,” we have a difficult time imagining that anyone is going to be shocked at the notion of another jaw-dropper being on the way. They’re woven pretty firmly into the fabric of the show, and they’ll probably be there until the end of the series.

For the sake of this particular article, the twist that we’re talking about relates to a reveal that was revealed on this past installment: There was another body in Annalise’s home to go along with the dead one other the sheet! The good news is that for this other body, they may not be gone just yet. According to TV Guide, this person is still alive, and you will learn their identity by the time Thursday’s episode wraps up.

Also, here’s another reason to get excited about Thursday night, based on what Karla Souza (Laurel) told the website:

“There’s a huge, huge twist in Episode 4 … You are going to be asking a whole other bunch of different questions when that comes up.”

One thing that we do have to hope is that this twist could be the sort of thing that carries us even further into the season. As excited as we are to start to uncover the truth about who is under the sheet, at the same time it’s not lost on us that this is only going to last a percentage of the season. There is more story to tell beyond that, and this is what we are (hopefully) going to cast some of the focus on as we push further and further into whatever is going on here.

For some other insight into Thursday night’s new episode, be sure to head over here to check out a preview!

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