‘The Flash’ season 3: When could Caitlin Snow’s Killer Frost powers be explored?

caitlinLast night, the third season of “The Flash” carefully included in the story something that we’ve personally wanted to see for quite a long time now: The next step on the journey towards making Earth-1 Caitlin Snow into Killer Frost. You had to think that this would be coming eventually, and as a result of Flashpoint, it now is.

So is this something that she will be telling other people about in the near future? At the moment, she seems cagey on it. After Barry told her that nothing had changed about her as a result of Flashpoint, she seemed to agree … only for her to showcase the very beginnings her powers the moment after he left. Caitlin becoming Killer Frost does not necessarily mean that she is a villain, but it does up the ante for her insofar as her story goes.

We imagine that in the immediate future, this could be a slow burn given that for next week’s new episode, the focus will instead be on someone else in Jesse Wells, who is coming over to Earth-1 with her father after she develops speedster abilities. Then, you’ve got the formation of more Rogues including Mirror Master and The Top. Eventually, we assume Captain Cold is also going to turn up in here. The time we know Caitlin will be in the spotlight is the seventh episode of the season entitled “Killer Frost,” which is being directed by Kevin Smith.

The question that you may be wondering as we get closer to that point (and understandably so) is whether or not the show is venturing into “Heroes” territory. If almost everyone has powers, does having powers mean anything anymore? It creates more writing challenges, and it also makes crossovers crazy. For now, we remain excited, but we also recognize that it’s possible that all of this could lead to a little disappointment down the line if things somehow don’t pan out.

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