‘Scream Queens’ season 2: Glen Powell responds to that Chad Radwell surprise

Scream Queens -We assume that every person in one way or another who signs up for “Scream Queens” knows that there is a perfectly good chance that it ends horribly for their character. How can you willingly sign up otherwise? It’s a part of the show, and it’s effective.

Yet, there is still something about losing a given character that makes you want to pull your hair out, especially when that character is Chad Radwell. We’re talking here about a guy who, in our mind, was the greatest thing to ever happen to the show. He was hilarious, he was ridiculous, and he was absurd. Yet, at the same time there was only so long he was probably going to live in this world so long as he put himself in it. He had a chance to escape, but his feelings for Chanel just didn’t allow it.

So how is Glen Powell feeling in the aftermath of all that happened? He did his part to share (with humor, of course) in a new post on Twitter, saying that he “doesn’t recommend” dying … and then he of course thanked everyone for sticking around.

Powell seems like the sort of guy who doesn’t have a shortage of projects at all coming his direction, but we do hope that he sticks around television in some way. We’d love to see him have a more prominent role in a comedy, especially one that aired on an HBO where he’d have a chance to go even bigger. Or, it could be interesting to see him do an about-face and go into a drama, where he could do something serious and introspective.

After you wipe away the tears, be sure to head over to the link here to start speculating on what the future could be for “Scream Queens” without Chad. It may be difficult, but we all must move forward. (Photo: Fox.)

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