‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ rankings: The sitting-pretty gang

Zeke -

Is anyone else getting the vibe at this point that the Gen X tribe is going to be terrible the rest of the way on “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X“? The crew better be hoping for a tribe swap soon, since at present they’ve got very little shot of winning challenges. David’s a physical liability, CeCe is slow, and while you’ve got a few strong players like Chris and Lucy, we just don’t see them having the speed of the other tribe.

With that in mind, it’s odd to rank the Millennial tribe right now given that we see them all making it to a Tribe Swap, and even if they go have to got to Tribal Council, there’s no clear-cut favorite as to who is going to be sent home. Still, we’re going to do our best to rank ’em once more! We’re scrapping the gimmicks this week, mostly because nobody gave us funny inspiration to compare them to “Legend of Zelda” or “Game of Thrones” characters this time around. Instead, we’re just doing straight rankings based on strategy, screen time, edit, and the like.

9. Zeke Smith (last week: 9) – We gotta be realistic about this, even though we love Zeke and his B-roll in the mud before the season was fantastic. He’s just on the outs of his tribe and he’s perceived as a threat. What he does have going for him is that he’s more than capable of finding an immunity idol, and also is sharp enough to be able to turn some people around with Adam’s help.

8. Adam Klein (8) – What benefits Adam is that he’s probably a little better at hiding his frustration with Zeke, and he’s capable of making strong, logical arguments. There’s no guarantee that Michaela was convinced to jump ship on the Triforce plus Michelle based on what we saw, but he made a good point that should give him a chance.

7. Hannah Shapiro (3) – While we don’t envision her being voted out anytime soon, we’ve seen nothing in the past two episodes to suggest she can win this game. While Zeke didn’t play his frustration well after being blindsided, Hannah should have spent more time recognizes his needs over her own need to justify her actions.

6. Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa (6) – By a similar token, Figgy’s behavior after going to Tribal also suggests that she’d have a really hard time at the end of the game. She’s reminiscent somewhat of an Abi-Maria sort of character, who is a little bit volatile around camp and could make it far even though she is polarizing around camp.

5. Taylor Lee Stocker (5) – Bonding with David on the Gen X tribe, even if it was brief, proved to be smart. We could see Taylor being the rare case of a guy in a showmance who lasts longer than the woman, just because we don’t get the sense that he is causing much drama around camp. His biggest potential weakness is that he’s a tad naive, and we could see him totally getting hosed in a blindside vote down the road.

4. Michaela Bradshaw (7) – Michaela’s now moved into a really great spot. She’s a swing vote, and even though she and Figgy may have issues, Figgy may need her in order to ensure a five-person majority depending on where Will lies on the tribe. She also showed with voting out Mari that she understands the value of voting with the numbers.

3. Will Wahl (4) – Who is going after Will right now? The great news for the show’s younger player is that nobody seems to have brought up his name as a target. The bad news is that we’re barely getting his point of view on anything, which doesn’t make us think that he will be a major force at the end of the game.

2. Justin “Jay” Starrett (2) – Jay continues to be the surprise of the season. He’s almost like a combination of Jason Siska with Paul from this past “Big Brother” season: He’s someone who probably does run his mouth a little much, but he’s figuring out how to play the game and has a natural intuitiveness. The longer he remains, the more dangerous he could be.

1. Michelle Schubert (1) – Michelle had a quiet week, but after that excellent move she made at the end of this past episode we have a really hard time thinking that she could be in danger anytime soon. Nobody seems to blame her for it, and yet she’s got at least three players in the Triforce who look towards her for guidance.

Who do you think is in the best spot on the Millennial tribe? Let us know below, and be sure to check out our take on some of the specific winners and losers from this past episode! (Photo: CBS.)

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