MTV’s ‘Scream’ Halloween Special trailer: A different murder mystery

Scream -At the end of the second season of “Scream” on MTV, we saw Kieran be booked as the responsible party for the murders, and with that in mind, of course you want to believe that we’ve reached the point where everything will start to turn around and some of these characters are going to be able to take a deep breath once again.

Unfortunately for them, this is not the sort of show, or the sort of world, that tends to offer up those sort of opportunities. The trailer below (via Entertainment Weekly) is your first extended look at the creepy event, which promises to answer many of the show’s long-simmering questions from season 2, including a few things when it comes to Brandon James. The closing seconds of this should send a terrifying tinge down your spine.

As for what else is going on, the Lakewood Six are going to escape to an island retreat, with the big problem with that being that this same island previously played hosts to some murders. Whoever is killing now seems to be combining this Brandon James mythology with the island legend, and it makes us wonder why any of these people would want to go to this island in the first place. If we were any of thee characters, we would RUN in the other direction anytime someone mentions anything that has to do with murder.

We’ve mentioned this a few times in the past, but we are personally approaching this special with the idea that it could end up serving as a series finale. The ratings for season 2 were not great, so this could be a way to tie up loose ends rather than ordering a season 3 proper. If that happens and this is the end of the show, at least we’re ending thing with a bang.

For more on the “Scream” Halloween Special, head over here to see how MTV is describing the event in a full synopsis. (Photo: MTV.)


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