‘Scorpion’ season 3, episode 3 review: Walter, Paige, a hallucination, and a confession

Walter -Going into Monday night’s “Scorpion,” there was a single question on the lips of many: Could we actually see Walter and Paige confess their feelings for each other?

In the case of the former, the answer was a clear “yes” since that became clear at around the halfway point of the episode. The character was accidentally sent into space, and upon arriving there, issues arose to the point where he could no longer breathe. As he lost oxygen, he slipped more and more into a haze, and more and more of his feelings towards Paige came out. While the entire team minus her and Tim was listening, he basically made all of his feelings clear while he had an impromptu dance with her, complete with James Bond tux and stylish moves. This was sweet in a way, but then hilarious in another since you could see how queasy it was making everyone else.

Eventually, though, the confession came out once Paige arrived: He loved her. He told her this because she had to go along with the hallucination in order to convince him to pull the lever. She did her job, and in doing that, their relationship may have changed. While she said that she loved him, at the same time you had to wonder if she was just saying that to keep him going.

The great news for Walter is that he got out of that situation; unfortunately for him, this gave way to another problem as he spent a good ten or so minutes (after getting his composure) about to crash into the other. The team had to think on their feet to keep him alive despite crashing into the Pacific Ocean, and somehow, they figured it out. This was one of the smarter, craftier writing jobs that the crew’s done in three seasons, since they really did make the impossible possible.

Now, where does all of this leave Walter and Paige? He may not remember everything that he said to her, but at the same time, she still remembers very well everything that he said. Toby warned her not to mess with his feelings since she’s with Tim, but here is the question we leave you with: How long will that last? Clearly, Paige still loves him, and hearing those words will stick with him.

As a result of this, we have to say that this was a wonderful hour for the show and Walter / Paige fans. There’s still hope, and along the way there were fun and romantic moments aplenty. Grade: A-.

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