‘Scorpion’ season 3, episode 4 preview: Will Toby learn about Happy’s husband?


While we’ve seen all of the characters on “Scorpion” become heroes over the course of the season so far, romance actually remains a hot topic of conversation. Monday night’s episode was a further exploration into all things Walter and Paige as he suffered a series of hallucinations while stuck in space. It was weird, trippy, but also very funny at the same time. That dance sequence? That was something else, and the embarrassment that some of the other team members had while watching it was hysterical.

So how do you follow up an hour of this sort of madness? Well, we are going to be focusing on a different relationship next in Happy and Toby. “Little Boy Lost” is the title for next week’s episode, and early indications suggest that there could be some resolution to the cliffhanger for these characters at the end of season 3.

Synopsis – “Team Scorpion must find a boy from Ralph’s class who goes missing on a field trip after he accidentally has a run-in with a deadly criminal. Also, Toby gets closer to finding out the identity of Happy’s husband.”

Will Toby actually meet Happy’s husband? That is a question that we would like an answer to, but at the moment we’ve heard nothing in the way of casting news. Maybe this character is going to be appearing down the line and this is just a tease, or maybe the producers are doing a really good job of being secretive. So long as the reveal is exciting, we’re going to be satisfied. Of course, it still remains to be seen how everything with Walter and Paige is going to unfold after she got the full extent of his feelings out of him tonight.

Tonight’s episode – Rest assured, we’ve got our review for this episode now over at this link. (Photo: CBS.)

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