‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 10, episode 4 review: Sheldon and Amy’s experiment

Big Bang -For much of Monday night’s “The Big Bang Theory” episode, the focus was by and large on a single subject: A new test by Sheldon and Amy in order to determine whether or not they could be compatible living together. The moment came after an incident at her place forced her to move, and the end results of that turned out be a disaster … or close to it.

Sharing Penny’s old place for a night to replicate an isolated environment, Amy learned that Sheldon basically sleeps like a crazy person, and is completely uncaring when it comes to conditions for her. Yes, it should be no surprise that he can be a jerk, but still for some of this we felt for her. Then again, after a heated argument the next morning over her not getting any sleep, the two did apparently go back there and make out. So is this apparently some success that came out of this. In terms of comedy, there were a few good lines, but the real highlights came from Leonard and Penny determining that the best thing that they could do with Sheldon gone was dance around their place in their underwear. Leonard, of course, ended up hurting himself. While this was completely silly, seeing Johnny Galecki do physical comedy is always a highlight.

Raj knows valuable intel – And it’s on Howard and Bernadette’s child. He sneaked a peek at the results, and as a result of that he learned whether or not they are having a boy or a girl. We don’t know what the answer to this is just yet, but seeing the two slowly crack as they wanted to know the truth was particularly entertaining.

To date, the biggest issue with the season, other than that we wish there was more Stuart, is that Raj isn’t getting a lot to do other than the typical “overbearing friend” jokes. Hopefully, this will change soon — it has to in order for this to be a complete show.

Grade: B. This is mostly due to Leonard and Penny and the brief science-related argument with Sheldon and Amy at the episode’s end.

Next week – Let’s just say that the problems for the two of them are going to continue. Take a look at this link for some other details!

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