‘Shiptober: Will ‘Suits’ season 6 bring great things for Harvey and Donna?

Suits -Mrs. Carter: Are we finally going to see Harvey and Donna get together on “Suits“?

We know that there are many fans out there who have been rooting for this couple for quite some time; yet, the writers have hesitated to commit fully in that direction, even if the temptation is always there. We know that there is a history there, and they’ve shared many victories and failures along the way. They have a professional dynamic, and that has to be considered any time that a possible romance is broached.

In this latest edition of our ‘Shiptober series, we are going to look at some of the advantages and disadvantages to pairing these two characters up now, as opposed to some other time down the road.

The case for Harvey and Donna together – The most important thing about any relationship is that there is a deep-seeded level of care, and this is something that is clearly here between the two. They’ve expressed genuine feelings on many times, even if those feelings are not always romantic. Bringing them together is mostly just a natural extension of everything that we have already seen. It’s not stretching either one of them out of their comfort zone, and now that Harvey has worked through some of his issues and has his friend Mike out of prison, we think that he is in a place where something could happen. From there, the next question is whether or not this is something Donna wants. She sometimes keeps her cards close to the vest, but she may be closer than she has been in the past given that Donna now realizes that Harvey values her.

The case for them staying friends – This is a show grounded in realism, and it doesn’t always cater to what romantics out there want to see. Keeping them apart ensures the further validity of their working relationship, and it frees them up for other romantic possibilities. If you’re not a huge proponent of the two of them together, maybe you think that someone else could pop up down the road who would be a great fit for one of them. Or, maybe you just prefer to be more about the legal side of things and not so much romance.

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