‘The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood’ premiere video: Prepare for drama

Seattle -If you’ve watched any recent edition of “The Real World,” then odds are, you know precisely what you are getting yourself into with this show: It’s going to be loud, it’s going to be obnoxious, and there will be times when you are rather frustrated with just how much the show claims to be about peaceful resolution when you are putting so many situations together with the potential to explode at any given moment.

On this new season premiering Wednesday night, we’re heading to Seattle, and we’re bringing out a twist that is similar to what we’ve seen in recent seasons: “Bad Blood.” Basically, people with past conflicts will be thrown into a house together and expected to function, and try to resolve some of what happened in the past. As you would anticipate, it is not always going to go well. There are going to be arguments, people will cry, and people may come close to getting violent with each other.

If there are two advantages that this season has over this past one subtitled “Go Big or Go Home,” it would be the following:

1. At least this time around, there’s hope that we won’t have an entire series of episodes themed around enormous race-related conflicts (or at least so we hope).

2. There may be less of a need to force people to do random “tasks” given that you don’t really have a need to drum up random conflict when it is already there. These people are going to have plenty to fight about already — that much is clear.

We’re curious to see how this season unfolds, and as a result of that rest assured there’ll be coverage, reviews, and the like. The link here will be the place to go in order to check all of that stuff out. (Photo: MTV.)

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