‘Chicago PD’ season 4, episode 5 review: Is Mouse gone from the team for good?

Last time on “Chicago PD” we saw Kevin Atwater (you can read our interview with actor LaRoyce Hawkins here) front and center and the week before we saw Trudy (our interview with Amy Morton is at the link here) in the spotlight. Normally this show focuses on the big three (Halstead, Voight, and Lindsay), but this season we have seen some of our quiet favorites shine! Are we going to get to dig deeper into some of these other characters tonight?

Have you been wondering what happened to Mouse? The last episode of “Chicago PD” had a new girl in his job and no word about Mouse and the reason it seems strange is because the episodes ended up getting switched. Tonight we are going to see what happened to Mouse and if Voight worked his magic to get that violation erased.

Jay is worried about Mouse going back into the army and tries to talk him into waiting for 6 more months to really think about it, but his mind is made up and he wants to leave. After speaking to Lindsay, Jay realizes that it’s his own personal feelings getting involved and that it’s not really about what’s best for Mouse, so Jay apologizes to him saying that he has his full support. Unfortunately for Mouse, Voight isn’t willing to help him bury his felony and it’s affecting Mouse at work. Is he going to quit his job at the “Chicago PD” or worse, get fired? Jay goes to Trudy about Mouse’s felony and she gets it cleared.. he’s able to go back to the army.

Speaking of getting fired – Trudy tells Julie that she’s getting transferred back to her old job because of Fogel’s threats, saying that he went over her and the union to make this happen, so there’s nothing left that she can do to help Julie. We were hoping for the last minute help from someone, anyone, but Julie is gone. This whole situation has inspired Burgess to go to Voight and tell him that she’s ready to be a part of his unit if the opportunity ever comes up again.

We were worried that Mouse was going to leave the “Chicago PD” without so much as a goodbye, but we got a conclusion to his story tonight, so we are happier… still bummed that he’s left at all though. Episode grade: B

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