‘Big Brother OTT’ spoilers: The week 2 Power of Veto winner is…

Over the Top -

Two weeks into “Big Brother: Over the Top,” and the producers are really killing it when it comes to the design of the Power of Veto Competitions. They’ve found a way to do things that are fun and interesting to watch without them being too simple or obviously low-budget.

Today’s competition felt a little bit like a Head of Household / Veto Competition hybrid, since it was similar to one of the HoH comps that Jordan won back during season 13 — which made it all the more ironic given that Big Jeff came in to host it, taking the job away from Justin. This bummed us out, but given the attention span required for this, it may have been necessary. If Justin hosted, we’d probably still be doing this for another few hours thanks to all the stories.

The name of the competition was the BB Invitational, and like a Veto, there were prizes based on how many points you got from some of your “putts.” Here are the results in total.

Shane – Veto. This means he’s safe for at least the week, provided that he doesn’t do some martyr garbage and remove his showmance Danielle from the block.

Shelby – Caddy costume. She’ll be dressed like a caddy, complete with golf clubs, for the rest of the week. Given her penchant for relentless complaining, we imagine that this one will be fun.

Danielle – She has to fish out golf balls from the pool whenever Big Brother tells her to for the next week.

Scott – Sand trap. He’s gotta spend a day in some sort of sand-trap isolation for 24 hours, which can’t be great for him as a target to some in the game.

Alex – She has some sort of disadvantage for the next HoH Competition, which we presume will be the next one she can play in given she’s not eligible to win the next HoH.

Monte – He cannot play in the next Veto. Monte went scoreless at this.

We’ll be back later tonight with more news, should anything come up, over at this link! (Photo: CBS.)

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