‘Agents of SHIELD’ season 4, episode 3 sneak peek: The Inhuman crisis

SHIELD -We cannot quite pretend that one of the conflicts at the center of Tuesday night’s new episode of “Agents of SHIELD” is completely original or refreshing; after all, it is one that we have seen throughout superhero movies, comics, and shows several times over. Yet, it remains as significant and culturally relevant now as ever, since it is about a group of people being treated differently because of who they are. It’s an unfortunate theme that has existed since utterly the beginning of time.

In the sneak peek below, you can see a little bit more of what this particular crisis entails; Coulson and SHIELD have done their part to relocate multiple Inhumans to major cities, but unfortunately, blackouts in these said cities have led to further panic and paranoia. This in turn has led to Senator Nadeer effectively declaring war on many of these people in power, which is creating a tense, difficult situation for everyone in the organization.

Is SHIELD capable to turning things around? Certainly, especially given that you have a new Director who is absolutely well-versed in Inhuman ways. The unfortunate part of the equation right now is that you’re dealing with widespread prejudice being egged on by a member of the government, and this may not be so easy as just turning around one person’s way of thinking; you have to be persuasive in some way to the masses.

Also, you need to still be well aware of what is happening with the blackouts — the last thing you want if you are SHIELD is an Inhuman somewhere working to make tensions worse.

Rest assured that you can check out some further news and previews for “Agents of SHIELD” this season just by heading over to the link here. That’s also where you can read the latest about a possible collision course for the ABC and Netflix Marvel series. (Photo: CBS.)

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