Is ‘Madam Secretary’ season 3, episode 2 new tonight on CBS? More on McCord family danger (video)

Secretary -Last week, we got this season of “Madam Secretary” off to a very-good start with an installment entitled “Sea Change,” one that brought to our attention that Elizabeth McCord may got a different, unpredictable route towards staying in office with President Dalton — and as a running mate, no less. The two could be waging an independent campaign, which is largely unprecedented in the modern era — at least on a macro level. There are always independent candidates you rarely hear about.

Unfortunately, real-life politics are at this point getting somewhat in the way of new episodes airing. Due to the Presidential Debate coming on across all major broadcast networks Sunday night, the Tea Leoni series is taking the week off — even if it was on the air tonight, it’d be hard to pin down precisely when it would air because of NFL football.

When the show does return, we could be focusing just as much on matters of personal security as we are ones of national security. Following a hack of Jason McCord’s computer, and some damaging warnings placed against the family, Elizabeth and Henry will have to figure out what is the best way to protect their family moving forward. It is a dangerous situation, and the downside of the celebrity and success that they have each found over the course of their lives. While it may be a tad too early to presume that we will learn the source of these hacks and threats, finding out could be a valuable story point later this season.

For those curious as to what will be coming on more of an international stage, this episode will focus on a changing regime in Algeria, where Elizabeth will assist in an effort to further ensure peace. Unfortunately, not all will go according to plan.

For more news on “Madam Secretary,” head over here for some other news on what’s coming down the line. (Photo: CBS.)

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