‘Bones’ season 12 photo: First look at Eddie McClintock, Emily Deschanel on set

Bones -For fans of “Bones,” it’s been a long time coming to see more of Eddie McClintock on the show. He was a part of the second season of the show a very long time ago as Sully, and his relationship with Brennan preceded everything romantic with her and Booth. Given the “Warehouse 13” alum’s talent, of course we were excited to hear the he was coming back, and we’ve even got photographic proof now of his return!

McClintock posted the photo below alongside Michaela Conlin, Emily Deschanel, and Tamara Taylor, and it certainly feels as though his return will be interesting. You see, Sully’s not one of those past relationships who was just completely terrible in every way — he did care about Brennan, but probably tried to get a little too committed too quickly and wanted to take her away from something that she loved to pursue his own interests further. It’s with all this that we hope the guy is happy doing whatever it is that he is now.

As many diehard fans know already, McClintock is not the only actor from the show’s past returning for the final season. Eric Millegan returned as Zack Addy during the season 11 finale, and while his role moving forward is unclear, we know that there is an interesting story for him ahead. (How could there not be given the cliffhanger that we saw?)

We imagine that there are also still many other actors whose return is not confirmed yet, but they could turn up at some point. When you think about this show and its long history on Fox, shouldn’t that be celebrated to the best of your ability?

The final season will premiere at some point in 2017. If you find yourself interested in some other updates on “Bones,” check out our archive! We’ll have more sent your way as soon as we got ’em. (Photo: Fox.)

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