‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’: Winners and losers from episode 3

Adam -

Even though Wednesday night’s new episode of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” contained what was technically a blindside, there is still a part of us that felt slightly disappointed with the structure of the episode and the way we saw everything go down. Maybe a part of that stems from the edit: The moment we saw Chris proclaim confidence that CeCe was going home right after the immunity challenge, we knew that was probably not happening. The show has to change up some of its story tricks, given that they no longer work completely.

Now that we’ve analyzed that, let’s get into the latest chapter of our winners and losers of the week. This one should be obvious in some ways, since we do think that this is an episode stuffed full of black-and-white strategic moves.

Winner (Millennial Tribe) – Adam Klein. It’s not that we thought what he did in appealing to Hannah and Michaela was brilliant, but it was smart of him to realize that with much of the dominant alliance gone, he could make a logical appeal to them that Michelle, Figgy, Taylor, and Jay are never turning on each other in this game. Michaela may have gotten very upset at Figgy last week, but she showed in voting still with her that she is a smart player who will, when the dust settles, make the right move. Appealing to her with this was smart.

Loser (Millennial Tribe) – Hannah Shapiro. Nobody did anything necessarily terrible with the Millennials in this episode, but Hannah did come off pretty terrible in how wishy-washy she chose to be within her conversation with Zeke. While we don’t think that this will cause any substantial problems for her in the immediate future, this is something that would loom large if she’s in the final three and he’s on the jury and has other worthy alternatives.

Winner (Gen X Tribe) – Ken McNickle. While in some ways you have to credit the move to get rid of Paul to Jessica, given that she is the one who seemed to convince Lucy and Sunday to go along with the idea, Ken was the one who first went to her with the idea. We have to credit him somewhat for putting himself out there, especially since if the current configuration holds, he will have gone from being outside the numbers to in a dominant alliance.

Loser (Gen X Tribe) – Jessica Lewis. Wait, wasn’t she the person behind the flip? Yes, and while we admire the gumption behind it, the feeling we get for now is that she made the move to get rid of someone likely loyal, and someone who was a big target, over someone in David who could be incredibly disloyal, and obvious easy vote-out in CeCe, and someone in Ken who has more winner upside than Paul ever did. Basically, this move took her and the women from a solid six into chaos. We could be wrong, but we don’t love it right now — even if we think that her aggressive play could at times reward her down the line.

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