‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 13, episode 3 review: Not the ‘Walking Dead’ crossover you imagined

“Grey’s Anatomy” sometimes has that odd ability to be able to make you tear up in a tornado of emotion, only to then make you laugh and/or startle you a mere matter of moments later. for much of Thursday night’s new episode, we alternated between the two.

Specifically, we’re talking here about the case-of-the-week, which revolved around a funeral procession being forced to head to the Grey Sloan after an accident by an estranged daughter. To make matters crazier, this daughter was pregnant and about to deliver a baby out of stress, while the mother at one point died while holding her deceased husband’s hand for one final time. His body was, after all, meant to be put to rest.

Then, things started to get a little weird when said mother came back to life. She was declared dead, and while we were worried that the show was going to up and kill her off again (hey, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for this show), the writers decided to be nice and keep her alive.

With all of the madness going on in this procession tonight, many of the other storylines were at a minimum during this episode. For April and Jackson, she in particular was struggling with the boredom that was coming when her child was asleep. She’s used to an extremely high-octane job, and there is certainly quite the different when it comes to pacing here. Also, Bailey got to play the role of strong disciplinarian, and was able to teach a pretty powerful lesson in responsibility so that her son would stop bullying others.

We suppose the most important story in the long-term was Meredith and Riggs continuing to do their little relationship dance around Maggie … but this could come to the surface soon. After all, Amelia spent so much time around siblings in this episode that she was ready to hand down lessons. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite work.

This episode, in the end, was for the most part lighthearted and entertaining. Arizona returned, we had a case like no other, and for now, Alex and DeLuca continued their silent stand-off. It was just another day at the office for “Grey’s Anatomy,” but it is at least one we’ll remember for a while. Episode Grade: B.

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