‘No Tomorrow’ episode 2 preview: Where will CW series go from here?

At the moment, we absolutely feel for “No Tomorrow” on The CW. While it may have premiered after a very lucrative lead-in with “The Flash,” at the same time it has the misfortune of having to try to hair against the Vice-Presidential Debate. We want to see the show success, given that we did love Joshua Sasse on “Galavant” and are hoping that it can continue to draw viewership, we’re certainly nervous with this sort of challenging start.

Ultimately, though, we’ll get a better chance to gauge its performance tomorrow when the ratings for primetime come out. For the time being, let’s focus in specifically on seeing what the next story is. The title for this next episode is “No Crying in Baseball,” and the synopsis below makes it clear that the new relationship between Evie and Xavier is going to hit a few snags:

“Evie (Tori Anderson) and Xavier’s (Joshua Sasse) relationship hits a snag when his escaped convict cousin Jesse (guest star George Basil) wants to move in. As they continue to cross off adventurous Apocalyst items, Evie faces possible downsizing at work, and Xavier helps her confront her fear of failure. Meanwhile, Hank (Jonathan Langdon) helps Timothy (Jesse Rath) revamp his image in an attempt to win back Evie.”

The obvious long-term challenge for this series remains simple: What happens when the Apocalypse doesn’t happen? Are we going to have a situation play out here where Xavier constantly thinks that the world is about to end? There could be fun possibilities in either scenario, no matter what the writers decide to go with.

For now, the question we want to do want to ask you is simply this: Are you planning to continue watching “No Tomorrow” after the pilot, and what do you want to see next? Share below.

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