‘Shiptober: On ‘Girl Meets World’ season 3, Maya, Lucas, Josh, Riley, and other possibilities

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Mrs Carter: Who is Maya going to end up with?

For this edition of our month-long ‘Shiptober series, we’re talking “Girl Meets World” — a show that really does have about as many different romantic possibilities as humanly possible. We wanted to find a single jumping-off point for this article, though, so with that we’re framing this article around one person in Maya Hart. She’s had a fun, but at-times emotional journey over the past three seasons, and the reality is that with this show, it’s hard to take any ‘ship as altogether permanent. After all, these people are just now in high school. If you’re an adult, think about how many people you know who first got together in high school. How many of them are still around as a couple today?

For the sake of this article, we want to recognize the most popular pairings; then, we’ll turn it over to you so that you can share which one is your favorite! Note: that we’re not trying to give preference to any one couple over the others.

Maya and Josh – One of the most present pairings on the show, one made present thanks to the frequent assertions that if they were the same age, they would probably try to make something work. Maybe years down the road they will fulfill much of what they’ve said and get together, but we know there is no guarantee of that.

Maya and Lucas – Even though Lucas seemed to choose Riley earlier this year, who says that this choice is permanent? She and Riley each challenge Lucas in different ways, and that’s a part of what makes their dynamic fun.

Maya and Zay – This is a fairly recent ‘ship as presented on the show, but it makes sense given that neither one of them is romantically attached to someone else all the time. Both are very funny, so for entertainment alone we do get this one.

Maya and Farkle – This was an idea that was a little more present during the earlier stages of the show, when it was clear that Farkle had a crush on Maya. Since that time it’s been a little quieter onscreen, but there is still a following for it online.

Maya and Riley – Their ‘ship name online is Rilaya, and in the internet community it’s every bit as valid as any other pairing. There are things within their relationship that make some fans want to see something more with them, and in many ways watching television is about celebrating whatever passion you may have.

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