‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ rankings: Searching for entertainment on Gen X

David -

There’s a very interesting dichotomy present right now when it comes to “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.” If we were to label the tribe we would best get along with, it’d probably be Gen X; sure, we’re technically a Millennial and have a rather unusual job, but we’re not sure what we’d have to talk about with snowboard instructor Taylor or some of the other people over there.

Yet, when it comes to entertainment, there’s no question so far that the Millennials are bringing it more. Gen X is probably more self-aware, and as a result of that a little less willing to be ridiculous and reckless on TV. They also are probably more “shelter people” than “beach people” when it comes to strategy, to use a metaphor first popularized in “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance.”

For our Gen X rankings this week, we’re numbering them in terms of their gameplay / chance to make it far and win; however, we’re simultaneously discussing them on the basis of their entertainment value and what they’re bringing to this crazy show this week. Yes, we know there’s likely some sort of tribe swap or twist coming tomorrow, but we really cannot assume anything for the future.

9. Paul Wachter (last week: 4) – He’s actually entertaining, mostly as the bold, brash guy who seems to lack any understanding of what other people think about him. He seems like he’s in a good spot because of him leading a majority alliance, but two things: David has an immunity idol, and we could see people be convinced to get rid of him. Also, if there’s a swap this dude may as well pull a Gervase from Borneo and write “target” on himself.

8. CeCe Taylor (8) – In terms of entertainment, CeCe’s not bringing much. Heck, CBS couldn’t even be bothered to craft a narrative around her getting votes week 1! We have no idea where she stands or her opinions on anything, but at the same time we know she’s outside of the numbers and not a huge challenge asset.

7. Ken McNickle (6) – We hate ranking Ken this low, given that we really like him and we do always root for people who at least have some semblance of actual survival skills. Plus, he’s one of the more interesting personalities on the tribe and his alliance with David is delightful. Here’s his issue: Being partnered with a guy who has an idol isn’t great if the majority alliance split the votes and David plays it. If that’s the case, bye bye Ken.

6. Lucy Huang (5) – Who? Okay, we kid sort of. The show completely ignoring Lucy through two weeks likely means she’s not giving them anything super-fun. We don’t know enough about where she stands to rank her higher.

5. Sunday Burquest (7) – We think Sunday’s got upside as a good character, and we think she’s probably a better player than we gave her credit for going into this season. Or major concern is this: Think in terms of a tribe swap. There are still 18 people left, and she’s not a physical force. She could be a target if we got to three tribes.

4. David Wright (9) – Credit to David for getting an immunity idol and getting a close ally in Ken. It’s solely for these reasons that he’s far higher on this list than he was previously — he’s got a week of guaranteed safety so long as he doesn’t do anything crazy. David’s the best thing the Gen X tribe has going for it — a genuine likable underdog who’s funny and understands that this is a TV show and not just a chance to show everyone how loyal he is.

3. Bret LaBelle (3) – Think of this comparison: Bret is Jim Rice. Both are occasionally-funny, occasionally-strategic guys whose popularity is probably compromised somewhat by them being in power alliances that leave out the nerdy underdog. If Bret was more on the outs and he was having to fight to stay alive, he’d probably be better TV and an easier guy to root for.

2. Jessica Lewis (2) – Jessica was a ghost this past episode (like a good third of this tribe), so we’re basing this more on the entertainment and game-savvy we saw from her week 1. We at least know that she is playing the game, and that plus allies is enough to satisfy us for now.

1. Chris Hammons (1) – What’s great about this season so far is that other than maybe Michelle, we’re not seeing a real frontrunner for this. Chris was completely boring last week, but for now he’s probably in the best spot on Gen X. He’s got a tight alliance, but is not considered the figurehead leader of it. People seem to like him, and he’s needed for his physical strength right now.

Who’s ruling Gen X in your mind, and do you think that this tribe is more entertaining than we’re giving it credit for? Share below, and click here to see our weekly rankings of the Millennials! Also, sign up over here to secure some other TV news on everything we cover via our official CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: CBS.)

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