‘Halt and Catch Fire’ season 3, episode 8 video: Bosworth, Diane prepare Donna

At the end of Tuesday night’s new episode of “Halt and Catch Fire,” we are going to see Donna do her best to prepare Mutiny for investor presentations. In the process of doing this, though, we will see in the process that this will prove rather difficult.

Why is that? Well, it really comes down to a bit of unfortunate irony. Even though Cameron Howe may no longer be a part of Mutiny following her departure, that very thing poses a problem. It’s almost a catch-22. If she is there, investors would see her very clear opposition to the idea of an IPO. In leaving, there are inevitable questions regarding why she would leave. Donna does her best to come up with a good answer to inevitable questions about it, but quickly grows frustrated. Much as the old saying goes, there is no good way in order to deliver bad news. One way or another, you are going to run into a situation where someone is inevitably disappointed or you come across as fake.

We ourselves find this to be a difficult position in terms of knowing who to root for. We like Donna, and while we wanted Cameron to have her underdog story in Mutiny that was still under her control, her recent actions have not been a reflection of her desire to stay on top of things. We do feel like the rapid growth has led to a loss of Mutiny’s soul, which in turn makes us wonder if we are getting a recycle of season 1 with Cameron in the place of Joe. Much like Joe did, will she figure out a way to burn her previous creation to the ground?

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