‘Friday Night Lights’ celebrates anniversary, ‘DWTS’ score paddles, ‘Harry’ impresses

My television is set to record some of the best shows this week. It’s only Monday, but it’s going to be a great week for TV fans. Did you catch the premiere of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” last night? It’s the 27th season and it’s once again on every Sunday night!  This show reveals funny videos with a friendly competition for a grand prize. It has been around a lot longer than you might think. Believe it or not, it’s older than YouTube! Did this popular primetime show actually influence the idea of trending videos like we see today? I think so…

Have you seen “Harry”? A fun, new daytime talk show

Harry Connick Jr has a new daytime talk show called “Harry.” If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend you check it out. Why? This isn’t your typical talk show. It’s more of an upbeat, casual conversation with a friend (who is a sensational singing superstar and knows lots of famous people). Frankly, the show is fun, lighthearted and fills a need in daytime. So take a peek. If you find yourself smiling while watching the show, let me be the first to tell you I told you so! “Harry” is on weekdays around the country.

Len Goodman watch out! “Dancing With the Stars” fans can buy glittering scoring paddles

Len Goodman isn’t the only one with flashy “Dancing With the Stars” scoring paddles anymore. Fans can get a set of similar score paddles to judge “Dancing With the Stars” couples live. I received my scoring paddles in the mail over the weekend and started practicing immediately. Perhaps scoring the neighbor after he mowed the lawn wasn’t the best idea, but I know he saw my glittering score paddle because he offered a very familiar hand gesture in return (I gave him a five as I saw him lift the mower a few times.) The scoring paddles are perfect for the DWTS fan who wants to be just like the judges! Be ready for the next big week in the ballroom as “Dancing With the Stars” returns live on Monday night.

Netflix Crashes! Marvel’s “Luke Cage” is to blame

Netflix subscribers were freaking out Saturday when the service crashed. Who is to blame? Many are pointing fingers at Marvel’s show “Luke Cage.” There is no “official” reason the service went down though. And my theory that thousands of toddlers were simultaneously watching “VeggieTales in the House” was debunked immediately. So if you found yourself in a fetal position and hyperventilating on Saturday, you were not alone. The service was finally restored after a few hours. And life as we once knew it continues again.

And finally… “Friday Night Lights” celebrates 10-year anniversary

Kyle Chandler fans know today is special because his popular show “Friday Night Lights” is celebrating a 10-year anniversary. It was on October 3, 2006, that the first episode debuted. The popular NBC show continued for five seasons for a total of 76 episodes. The impact of this TV program revealed a hometown spirit. The show wasn’t just about a football team. It covered issues normal people were facing and shared stories of inspiration while being filmed in a middle America setting.

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