‘Shiptober: Should ‘NCIS’ season 14 bring us McGee – Delilah wedding?


Mrs Carter: Will McGee get married this season?

Welcome back to ‘Shiptober! It’s been a year since we’ve looked in-depth at many of TV’s top relationships, and over the course of the next 31 days we’re going to dive back in with a variety of your favorite shows and characters. We’ll give you our assessment of where certain ‘ships (relationships, prospective or actual, in internet-speak) are now, where they could be going, or whether or not they should be together in the first place. It’s a lot of fun, and we hope you get involved and join the discussion as well! We’ll have polls at the end of every article for that very reason.

Now that we’ve said that, let’s jump in with a show in “NCIS” that has changed its roster considerably in the past year, really to the point where many of the romantic relationships that were there (most of which involved Tony DiNozzo) are now gone. We’re still left with a handful of interesting possibilities, and one stable couple is McGee and Delilah who could be getting engaged at some point later this month. If that happens, would we want to see a wedding this season? That’s something we want to figure out!

The case for a wedding – We’ve known McGee since the very first season of the show, and as a result of that we’re invested in his happiness. While Delilah may be recurring, at this point we’ve seen Margo Harshman on the show enough to be invested in her character, and we at least know that she’s a good person and someone who does seem to care a lot about him. Seeing this wedding would be a nice culmination of their journey so far, especially since it would give someone on this show relationship stability when there really isn’t much.

Plus, couldn’t you make a nice event out of a wedding episode? We like to think so.

The case against a wedding – Given that the show is already renewed through season 15, maybe there’s no real hurry to have them tie the knot right away. Or, if you’re planning one for Kensi and Deeks over on “NCIS: Los Angeles” this season, maybe there are only so many weddings that fans of the franchise want to see. We do think that this is a show that tends to be sometimes low-key with personal develops for its characters, so it wouldn’t shock us if the two got married, and we didn’t end up actually seeing it play out. It’d be a bummer, but we do think it’s possible.

As for whether or not McGee and Delilah are going to make it to the altar, we gotta think so! If this wasn’t the plan, why let the characters get to this point?

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