‘Supergirl’ villains: Why Blackstarr would be perfect season 2 addition

“Supergirl” is a very fun show, and as we’re entering the second season (and the first one on The CW), there’s a lot to be excited about.

With that said, at the same time there is a glaring weakness in our mind with this series: The villains. Non didn’t bring much to the table as a Big Bad last season, and Astra, while entertaining, was a little too morally conflicted. To us, both Indigo and Silver Banshee could have been made into so much more if the show chose to stick with them; hopefully, there will be an opportunity coming up where we can find a way to bring them back in one form or another.

For the sake of this particular article (and the first in our Villains series we are unleashing for the month of October hyping up characters we want to see), we’re looking at someone in Blackstarr as a potential new adversary who could come in, shake things up, and prove to be a threat to not only National City, but also the entire Greg Berlanti superhero universe on the network.

Who is she? – Blackstarr is otherwise known in the comics as Rachel Berkowitz, a woman who has a long backstory dating back to Nazi Germany. She was raised by Nazis after first arriving in a concentration camp, and she eventually became a noteworthy scientist. She was able to tap into the powers of the universe through her research, and becomes a super-powerful villain capable of controlling cosmic energy. She can modify her own appearance, transport people to other dimensions, or even use black holes and gravity to manipulate her targets. These are things that even Supergirl cannot control.

How to use her – You would obviously have to modify her backstory for this show given that she’d be extremely old in this universe otherwise. You could have an origin story where she figures out more and more of her powers over time, and eventually she could transfer characters from this show to other Earths or even other shows — there’s a lot of crossover potential here. We could even see her being a part of a story that lasts for several episodes.

Likelihood of appearance – Moderate … eventually. At present, there is not any news out there about her turning up, but we’re only in season 2 and we think that Supergirl only has so many prominent villains from the comics. Unless they’re going to adapt more Superman villains, we figure that she will be showing up eventually, similar to Mirror Master finally coming on “The Flash.”

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