‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’ episode 3 preview: Bucking expectations?

Zeke -

Survivor” and CBS are clearly trying to get the most mileage possible out of the “Millennials vs. Gen X” concept; for the latest example of that, just take a look at the latest promo below.

For the vast majority of this clip, the whole idea here seems to be finding a way to show that Millennials and Gen X people aren’t quite what you thought that they were. For example, apparently Millennials aren’t that laid back, since Zeke is emotional and angry! Then again, didn’t Zeke already say that he doesn’t consider himself a Millennial? If that is the case, are we really bucking anything at all?

Meanwhile, it also says something about Gen X being able to “think quick on their feet,” which is a stereotype that we’ve heard zero times in our life so far. Also, what they show afterwards is CeCe being torn a new one by Jeff Probst during a challenge, though we’re not sure how much thinking is really involved with a balance beam in the first place.

Maybe we’re commencing in crazy talk by analyzing a promo this closely. The reality is that despite being sad over the demise of Mari in the game, this has been to date a really fun season. The presence of whatever the upcoming twist is should only liven things up further. Maybe we’re looking at a situation here where you are swapping a couple of tribe members, or we’re going the “Cambodia” route where a third tribe is being formed. If the show does do that, they do run the risk of moving away from this premise they’ve worked so hard to create rather quickly.

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