‘The Fall’ season 3, episode 2 review: Gibson’s questioning; Spector improves

The FallLast time on “The Fall” we saw the doctors at the hospital working feverishly to make sure that Paul Spector’s life was saved so that he can stand trial. He’s still in ICU, but it looks like he should be okay … at least from a health vantage point. Gibson’s M.O. has not changed pushing forward, and that is to find a way to ensure that this man stands trial for what he did rather than dying on a hospital bed.

Unfortunately for Stella, this is a series of various distractions and roadblocks; sometimes, they even come her way from the police themselves. After doing what she could to save Rose — while bending some rules in the process — Stella found herself facing some tough questions. Given the nature of what happened, it is hardly a surprise, but seeing Gibson have to press as if she was being charged with a crime still proved to be difficult to watch. She withstood the questioning, and even at the end managed to locate the stolen car. That did pale in comparison to an even larger clue: A potential logbook of victims found in the closing seconds. If nothing else, they were possibilities of what he could inflict.

On the Spector front specifically, he continued to be nursed back to health over the course of the hour, while the media started to take hold on his story, spreading it out to the masses. The reasoning behind such a decision is clear, given that as the media they are obligated to spread whatever news they deem necessary. Yet, at the same time attaching a name to such a butcher could make him a target in both good and bad ways. Katie in particular grew incensed over not being able to see him, and chose to try and take some matters into her own hands. She’s also getting incredibly defensive of anyone who may have a role in implicating Spector of anything.

Also, nurse Kiera Sheridan is a saint. We cannot imagine that it is easy to care for someone who is being accused of doing such terrible things, but she did so with the utmost care. She was even there when he started to speak. The medical team proved unable to give Paul further context as to anything beyond his medical condition, but they had him far closer to feeling normal than he has been of late. He claimed to not recall anything of the precise incident, but the truth is with him.

Eventually, Paul’s family did come in to pay him a visit, regardless of the warnings regarding the sort of trauma it could eventually inflict.

In summation, this episode concluded with everyone taking a few steps forward, and then also another series of steps back. For Gibson, she now is closer to a trial with Spector’s condition improving; yet, at the same time she continues to be bogged down with police procedure. At the same time, Paul’s closer to getting adequate representation for a trial, something that could continue to make matters all the more difficult for Gibson as we press onward. The fact that it is Sean Healy, a man who is a master of loopholes makes it all the more difficult.

“The Fall” remains one of Britain’s greatest dramas, gripping, thought-provoking, and psychologically terrifying. Yet, at the same time we do wish that it did often pick up its pace given that there are only so many episodes remaining. Still, you cannot deny the quality present here. Episode grade: B+.

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