‘Chicago PD’ season 4, episode 3 review: A deeper look into Amy Morton’s Trudy

Last time on “Chicago PD” we saw Tay and Burgess becoming better friends and partners, but as much as Tay is starting to settle into the new job, she has a major problem following her around. Fogel wants her back at her crappy detail that he put her in after rejecting him and he’s putting the pressure on Trudy to make it happen. Luckily, Trudy isn’t someone that succumbs to threats. Also, we are still on a shipper high after seeing Halstead and Lindsay not only say “I love you”, but also move in together.

Tonight we had Trudy front and center in the action tonight. As she was walking to her car (after having dinner with her father) a man attacked her, stole only her gun and left her for dead. Luckily a neighbor heard her set off her car alarm and helped her get to a hospital. Voight, Lindsay and the team are very fired up that one of their own has been hurt so badly and they want to catch the guy who did it.

With it being Trudy in the hospital, the team brings on Burgess for help (Trudy is personal for her) and it’s nice to see her in the cage again. They learn that Trudy was at her father’s house right before she was attacked, but when they get to his house they see that he has been shot multiple times… he’s dead.

When Trudy wakes up Lindsay and Halstead tell her about her father’s death. They asked her for any information she has and she says that all remembers is that they have her gun and he wore gloves, but Lindsay notices something and digs deeper. They learn that Trudy was looking into her father’s girlfriend (Natalie), who has a boyfriend that is a stick up guy. They are able to grab Natalie, and the boyfriend after they use Trudy’s father’s credit card. This all seems a little to easy… Turns out that they were robbing Trudy’s father, but neither of them killed him.

They learn that Trudy’s father was transferring all of his accounts to Trudy’s name and she’s officially rich. Olinsky gets a lead and once Trudy hears about it, she leaves the hospital to hunt this person down, arming herself with a secret gun she keeps in her desk.  Trudy finds her man, a guy named McGregor, who had shady dealings in the past with her father’s business. Trudy’s anger is over-taking her common sense to just bring him in for his crimes, luckily for her, Voight shows up and talks her into doing the right thing.

We don’t get a lot of Trudy focused episodes and after tonight we don’t understand why because Amy Morton is fantastic. With everything being all about Trudy tonight, we didn’t get much movement on anything else, but we were fine with that. As we said, Morton was all we needed. Episode grade: B

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