‘Longmire’ season 5, episode 6 review: So long, and thanks for all the fish

LongmireIt’s interesting what an hour of “Longmire” will do to shift around your perceptions of things. We admit that at the start of 5×06, entitled “Objection,” we had a strong tinge of frustration over the way the situation with The Ferg was handled. Are we glad to see him alive? Absolutely, but the question many characters had throughout the hour is a good one: Why did the Irish mob allow him to live? Do they have a larger endgame here?

The only reason we can suspect that The Ferg is still alive is because the mob wanted to not give the county a further incentive in order to ensure that there was a personal vendetta here, and that they could go about their business elsewhere. Yet, we get no indication that their pretend travel agency is planning to move away from the Four Arrows Casino, and they did shoot at The Ferg in the car before letting them live. We don’t know their intention, and we hope that is revealed soon. We’re at least happy enough that we didn’t just have a situation where they shot him multiple times and he somehow survived in spite of it. Nobody wants a situation like Glenn from “The Walking Dead.”

How Walt responded to this situation was the most captivating part of the episode, with him pushing himself to the limit, intimidating Jacob Nighthorse, and then eventually going all the way to Boston to try and reinforce to the boss Shane Muldoon to steer clear of the county. He managed to get a fingerprint off of Ferg’s police badge that will implicate Eddie in a murder, and he’s got the necessary evidence now to pass Shane’s name along to the FBI. It’s not like Walt to not fully succeed in getting justice, but this is a more measured man, and a guy who realized that he is struggling to keep his head above water.

Our favorite part of Walt’s exchange in Boston? He brought fish! Think of that as a consolation prize.

Also, he’s a man who thought at the time that he would be out $250,000 in a settlement with Barlow Connally’s estate, but the problem there is that we’re seeing the opposition’s greed lead themselves vulnerable. Walt’s attorney wanted to continue to pursue the case, and now he’ll get that chance since the settlement was denied.

Whether it be Walt’s investigation to Henry being at a crossroads between Jacob and Walt to Cady finding herself in a really precarious spot thanks to her father, this is the first episode this season where it really felt like the seeds were starting to be sewn. Other than our Ferg complaints, this is the “Longmire” we live for, and hopefully the “Longmire” we’re going to get over the home stretch. Grade: B+.

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